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The atmosphere and climate is very moist with humidity and several inches of rain in Florida. The fact that it sits right on the ocean causes a lot more moisture in the air. There is a certain amount of flooding due to all the rain and the tropical storms.  Sometimes these facts cause damage to homes and businesses. Many times the residents and businesses of Florida have to deal with mold removal in Miami.

There are several different types of molds that grow there because of all of the moisture. There are certain kinds that require professional removal and clean up. That is when you would need to call a company that specializes in mold cleanup such as Moisture Medic of Florida.

Moisture Medic of Florida is a professional licensed company with qualified and trained technicians to do your mold removal. Moisture Medic of Florida has been doing business in the Florida area for several years. They are experienced in several aspects of restoration such as floods, moisture detection, mold removal and restoration from fire damage. They have special technicians available for your emergency 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The first step to mold removal is to find the source of moisture. The next step is to fix the source and dry out the area. Moisture Medic of Florida utilizes special equipment to find hiding mold and moisture that can be causing your problems. They also have special equipment to remove the mold and dry out the area where it is growing. With the trained technicians and the special equipment, Moisture Medic of Florida can safely and efficiently remove the mold from your home or business and treat the remaining area so that there are no odors or mold spores left for regrowth.

What are molds? Molds are fungi that are found naturally in our environment. The mold spores will attach themselves to areas that have moisture. Some will grow as quickly as within 12 hours. There are a variety of different types of molds. Most all of them live off of moisture and use many different items such as plants, dirt, woods and drywall inside of your home as a food source to grow and rapidly multiply.

Most molds have some effect on the human body. Some people are highly allergic to mold leaving them extremely vulnerable to the different effects that it can cause. One of the most dangerous is called black mold and this can cause many health issues, some of which can be permanent. It has been known in rare cases to cause death.

Black mold grows slower than most molds.  Once it gets started it becomes the dominant mold and chokes out the other molds. Black mold is a greenish black mold that can be found in your home or business after a moisture issue. It can appear wet and slimy but can also be a dry powdery consistency if its moisture supply has dried out. Never try to do your own black mold removal in Miami. When you disturb black mold it allows the spores to relocate in different areas of your building, making the problems even worse than it originally appeared. That is why it is important to call Moisture Medic of Florida so we can professionally remove your mold from your home or business without making the situation worse than it already is.

Not all molds that look black in color are considered black molds. It is very hard to determine the strain that a mold is without having it professionally tested. That is why when you notice that you are experiencing a moisture issue or that mold has already started growing in any area of your home or business, you need to get help immediately. You could be putting yourself and others at risk for a major health issue. The longer that you are breathing in the mold spores the more damage that it could be doing to your health, especially if the mold is toxic.

The longer a moisture issue is being let go the more damage it is doing to your building. Ignoring mold can be a costly expense to you and your family not only with health issues, but also for the structure of your building. The longer the mold grows the more spores that are in your home and in the air that you breathe. The longer it is left, the more of your walls, floors or windows get covered by mold. The best fix for removing the mold is to act now.

Call us at Moisture Medic of Florida so we can take care of your mold removal in Miami.


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